English football clubs with the most banning orders and arrests in 2018/19

Rangers v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership

Like it or not, there will always be football fans who misbehave at matches.

It goes without saying that 99% of supporters turn up on the day, pay good money for their seats, tuck into some refreshments, show their passion and enjoy the game as it unfolds.

However, there will always be the minority that spoil things for others and it's for that very reason that there's often a high police presence at football matches.

Go to nearly any game around the country and you can guarantee that, supporting the match-day stewards, there will be at least one police officer keeping an eye on things.

And while they're ultimately there to keep people safe and be of assistance, sometimes situations can go so far that intervention and perhaps even arrests are necessary.

Incidents at football grounds

One of the most common causes of arrests is violence outside of the ground, which can even be directed against the police themselves - note the Newcastle-horse incident in 2013.

But the police can even become involved when people decide to impede upon the pitch or abuse from the terraces borders upon racism, homophobia or other forms of discrimination.

As a result, it's something that the Home Office maintains statistics for and they have now publicised their data from the 2018-19 season in England.

West Ham United v Stoke City - Premier League

Study into football-related arrests

And before we get into the negatives, it's important to note that banning orders went down by 3% and arrest declines by 10% compared to the season prior. Positive stuff.

However, there was still a fair share of supporters who ended their match-days in handcuffs and the government have decided to order the data by football clubs.

So, brace yourself, because it's time to name and shame the clubs with the most supporters subject to banning orders or arrests throughout last year - check out the statistics below:

Banning orders

1. Newcastle United - 71 

2. Grimsby Town - 61

3. Birmingham City - 57

=4. Sheffield United - 54

=4. West Ham United - 54


Football-related arrests

1. Stoke City - 80 (Most common offence: Throwing missiles, 33 arrests)

2. Leeds United - 49 (Most common offence: Pitch incursion, 15 arrests)

3. Aston Villa - 42 (Most common offence: Public disorder, 21 arrests)

4. Sheffield United - 41 (Most common offence: Public disorder, 14 arrests)

5. Manchester City - 39 (Most common offence: Public disorder, 11 arrests)

Police, JJB Stadium

Arrests by competition

The study also looked into the competitions that attracted the most arrests per 100,000 attendees which, aside from painting the EFL Trophy as an absolute war-zone, is fascinating to read.

1. Football League trophy - 22.6

2. FA Cup - 4.9

3. League Two - 4.8

4. League One - 3.9

5. Championship - 3.7

6. League Cup - 3.6

7. National League - 3.1

8. Premier League - 2.1

9. European competitions - 1.9

Wigan Athletic v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round

Obviously, the top competition is blurred by the fact the EFL trophy attracts small crowds, but clearly pitting higher and lower league opposition against one another in the FA Cup also causes tensions.

And finally, on the whole, there were 1,381 football-related arrests over the season: 524 for public disorder, 260 for violent disorder and 158 for pitch incursions.

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