The Young Bucks have confirmed that Triple H tried to sign them and Kenny Omega in 2018

The Young Bucks

The Wednesday Night Wars haven't even begun yet but things are already heating up between WWE and All Elite Wrestling.

NXT kicked off on the USA Network two weeks before AEW Dynamite makes its debut on TNT, and they posted a solid viewership of 1.18 million for their first hour on cable TV.

They will have to wait until October 2 for a full two hours on cable, but they've already set a pretty high target for Tony Khan and co to try and hit.

Around the time that NXT's viewing figures came out last night, comments made by one of the Executives of AEW and a top star came to light.

Kenny Omega told SportsKeeda that if there were no borders when it comes to superstars being in different companies, most of the NXT stars would be in the opening or dark matches whilst he would be in the main event, and that AEW had 'real stars'.

He admitted there are some exceptions to his words, namely Matt Riddle, but many disagreed with his comments as they thought he was vastly underestimating the talent of the NXT roster.

Kenny Omega fired shots at the NXT roster by saying they'd only be the opening match on a card where he would be main eventing

It's not just Omega who is firing shots, as Triple H said a few weeks ago he wouldn't trade any of the NXT roster for anyone in any other promotion.

That doesn't seem to have sat well with two other AEW execs and wrestlers in the form of Matt and Nick Jackson - The Young Bucks.

Speaking to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT earlier today, The Bucks responded to The Game's comments by querying why he tried to recruit both them and Omega to WWE last year if he wouldn't trade any of his roster for them.

Triple H made comments that he wouldn't trade any of the NXT roster for any other promotion's talent

Nick bluntly stated that he doesn't believe HHH wouldn't trade any of his superstars for 'The Elite', and he has a point - all three are some of the most entertaining wrestlers on the planet.

Both Triple H and Omega's comments can easily be interpreted as trying to hype up their own brands, but The Bucks have took the next shot.

What could have been if The Elite DID sign with WWE in 2018 - we would have no Wednesday Night War for a start...

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