WWE will begin using pyro again on Raw and SmackDown next week


If there's one thing that WWE fans miss the most it's the pyro for superstar entrances. According to reports, however, it could soon be making a return.

For years, pyro was a significant part of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, especially for the entrances of superstars as they made their way down to the ring for their match or segment.

For the past few years though, WWE has cut pyro from their main programming, and have only occasionally used it for their bigger shows of the year like SummerSlam or WrestleMania.

The reason why WWE phased pyro out of their programming was due to cutting costs as well as the company feeling that it was no longer necessary for superstar's entrances.

According to a report from WrestleVotes, that soon could be about to change ahead of another significant brand split in WWE.

WrestleVotes has tweeted that pyro will return to WWE's weekly programming next week as SmackDown moves to its new network home on Fox.

WrestleVotes also noted that both Raw and SmackDown will also be receiving new stage sets in order to give both brands a fresh new-look ahead of the WWE draft which will reinforce the brand split.

Many WWE fans will be glad to hear that pyro will be making a return to weekly programming as it makes superstar's entrances feel unique.


Adding in SmackDown's move to Fox next week, pyro will make fans believe more that Raw and SmackDown are definitely two separate brands competing against each other rather than what we're currently used to.

It's currently unclear if WrestleVotes' report means NXT will be receiving pyro too.

However, you would think WWE will extend their pyro allowance to NXT too in order to make sure they have all the resources possible to compete against AEW in the Wednesday Night Wars.

Pyro is coming back to WWE, meaning SmackDown will definitely be making their debut on Fox next week with a bang.

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