Cristiano Ronaldo fan photoshops Sudan manager's FIFA voting slip


The fallout from this week’s FIFA ‘The Best’ awards rumbles on.

It's certainly always interesting to see who voted for who after the main award has been dished out.

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has never voted for Lionel Messi for any individual award is rather amusing.

There is naturally a rivalry between the two players that have competed for individual awards for the past decade.

So much so that Ronaldo decided not to bother turning up for the ceremony in Italy.

He probably didn’t want to sit and watch Messi go up on stage and collect the accolade.

And it seems his fans didn’t particularly enjoy watching Messi win ‘The Best’ Men’s award.


That’s because the vote for Sudan’s head coach Zdravko Lugarisic appears to have been photoshopped.

Let us explain.

FIFA revealed that Lugarisic had voted for 1) Lionel Messi, 2) Virgil van Dijk and 3) Mohamed Salah.

However, images of the manger’s voting slip have cropped up online with his name and signature on it.

And it appears to show that Lugarisic voted for 1) Mohamed Salah, 2) Sadio Mane and 3) Kylian Mbappe.

But a closer inspection shows the slip is, in fact, photoshopped.

A faint mark can be seen in the boxes where Lugarisic did actually vote but have attempted to be removed by one sneaky Ronaldo fan trying to cause a stir.

And some fake quotes have even been attributed to him saying that he is supposedly “shocked to find out that his vote had gone to Messi.”

Ronaldo fans will really do anything to tarnish Messi’s legacy...

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