Details of All Elite Wrestling's broadcast plans in the UK has angered wrestling fans

All Elite Wrestling stars Cody Rhodes, Adam Page, Brandi Rhodes, Kenny Omega and Nick Jackson

Back in May, just a couple of days before All Elite Wrestling's first event - Double Or Nothing - Cody Rhodes made a comment that really excited wrestling fans in the United Kingdom.

AEW had linked up with major free-to-air television network ITV to broadcast pay-per-views via their box office service in the UK, and there was speculation that the upcoming weekly show would also be coming to the platform.

And Rhodes stirred the pot by saying that WWE's television deal in the UK 'sucked' compared to the one they had on the table without even having produced a show yet.

WWE are moving to BT Sport at the start of 2020, which has a reach of just over two million homes in the UK, compared to ITV's 27 million.

Official details of AEW's television deal in the UK have been released just a week before they go on the air though - and fans are extremely disappointed.

ITV Wrestling confirmed through their official Twitter account that the first live broadcast of AEW Dynamite would air at 8:20am on Sunday October 6, over 72 hours after the show goes live from Washington D.C.

A condensed one-hour highlights show will also air at 11:45pm every Monday night, which means it will finish just 15 minutes before Monday Night Raw goes live.

AEW owner Tony Khan's reveal of plans to show Dynamite in the UK hasn't gone down well

Weekly AEW episodes being shown on a Sunday morning in the UK is extremely problematic also considering AEW are doing pay-per-views on Saturday nights, which means that fans watching on ITV will be out of sync before the likes of Full Gear on November 9.

This news means that neither Dynamite or NXT, run by WWE Hall of Famer Triple H, will be live on television in the United Kingdom, with Sky Sports not picking the rights to the latter up with their contract with WWE coming to an end later this year.

NXT, run by Triple H, will also not be shown live in the UK

It remains to be seen whether or not BT Sport will take up NXT too along with Raw and SmackDown, but for now UK fans have to wait over 24 hours after NXT has gone live to watch it on the WWE Network.

There is one way to legally watch AEW Dynamite live in the UK though, as owner Tony Khan explained.

Due to different advertisement break schedules in the US compared to the UK, Dynamite can't run live on ITV, so FITE TV are picking up the pieces to bring the show to UK fans live at 1am on a Thursday morning.

There is a cost though - a $4.99 per month subscription or $2.99 per episode for UK fans to see the likes of Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega without a 72 hour delay.

Cody Rhodes may be regretting his words about that TV deal now...

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