FIFA 20 vs. PES 2020: Video compares player graphics on both games

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The graphics on both FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have improved exponentially over the past couple of decades.

Rewind 20 years to FIFA 99 and International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 and the graphics on those games now look prehistoric.

The release of Pro Evolution Soccer on the PlayStation 2 in 2001 was a big leap forward and PES undoubtedly held the crown as the best football game about for the next few years.

But EA Sports fought back and ended up re-taking their crown by the late 2000s, thanks in part to their superior graphics, by which point players began to look a lot more lifelike.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 made a big difference in terms of the graphics and, at the same time, it became incredibly important for both EA Sports and Konami to make the world’s highest-profile players’ faces as realistic as possible.

Now in 2019, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One poised to make way for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett within the next 12-18 months, the realism levels are better than they’ve ever been before.

But does FIFA or PES boast the better graphics - in terms of player realism - on their latest versions?

Bleacher Report have posted a side-by-side video, so let’s take a look.

Antoine Griezmann


Verdict: PES

Sergio Aguero


Verdict: FIFA

Lionel Messi


Verdict: PES



Verdict: PES

Cristiano Ronaldo


Verdict: PES

Mohamed Salah


Verdict: PES

Of course, it’s all down to personal opinion. But for us, PES is the clear winner this year in terms of graphics.

Some of those players look incredibly realistic.

Let’s see what people on social media are saying…

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Just imagine how realistic the players will all look when the next generation of consoles are released.

We’ve come an awfully long way over the past 20 years.

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