A new Medal of Honor game is being released next year

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is being released next summer

Medal of Honor is one of the most iconic shooter series ever made.

The first game, simply titled 'Medal of Honor', was released in 1999 and went on to be a massive success.

Since then there have been 15 more instalments which were released on a variety of platforms, including on Playstation 2, Xbox 360 and Gamecube.

But the series has gone quiet in recent times.

This is partly due to it falling behind it's competitions, with Call of Duty rising rapidly in popularity during the late 2000s.

The latest title released, 'Medal of Honor: Warfighter', came out in 2012.

Due to it being received poorly, EA decided to take the Medal of Honor series out of rotation and thus no further games have been made.

However, the 17th game in the series is not far away.

That's because Respawn, the Electronic Arts-owned maker of highly regarded shooters like the Titanfall series and Apex Legends, have announced Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is being made.

The last Medal of Honor was released in 2012

The game will be an Oculus VR exclusive and is expected to be released in the summer of 2020.

Above and Beyond is returning to it's roots and will be set in World War II.

It will be primarily a single-player game but ‘unique multiplayer modes and features’ will be detailed later.

A trailer dropped just a few days ago and it looks epic. Check it out below:

It would have been eight years when Above and Beyond is released next year.

Let's hope the 17th instalment of the franchise will be worth the wait.

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