Nike will use Drake, Serena Williams and LeBron James to promote new Liverpool kit

Nike want to use stars to promote Liverpool - concept kit by Saintetixx

Liverpool are set to switch kit suppliers this summer, bringing an end to a lengthy partnership with New Balance.

New Balance have made Liverpool's kits since 2015, with their subsidiary company Warrior making them for three years before that.

Now Nike is in position to take over - unless a court case gets in the way.

New Balance claim they matched Nike's bid and should keep the contract because of it.

Liverpool, however, believe that they only matched it financially but can't compare distribution networks.

And as that represents a significant part of any deal, Liverpool don't consider the bids equal.

We'll have to wait to see who the club's kit supplier is going forward but the case has allowed us a peek into details of the Nike agreement.

Despite being reported as a record-breaking £70m-a-year deal, The Times' journalist Paul Joyce says the guaranteed money is only £30m-a-year.

That would make it less than half of Chelsea's £60m-a-year deal with Nike - although, it does say the rest can be made up in royalties.

LeBron James would supposedly be used to market Liverpool kits.

We've also seen the plans Nike have for marketing the kit and it's easy to see why Liverpool value the deal more than New Balance's

Joyce says that the likes of LeBron James, Drake, and Serena Williams have been lined up to market the new kits.

That's a level of marketability that no other company can really match, especially in the states.

And if that's what Liverpool want and value, then the Nike deal is clearly the better one.

Now they just have to hope that a court sees it the same way.

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