Booker T comments on CM Punk possibly joining WWE Backstage show on FS1


Over the past week, CM Punk has been heavily linked with a return to the WWE with an on-screen role on WWE's Backstage show on Fox Sports.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Punk's audition for an on-screen role on WWE's Backstage on FS1 went well and he'll likely receive an offer to be on the show.

However, when Booker T was asked about the former WWE Champion joining the show that he will co-host, he explained that he knows nothing about it.

He said on his The Hall of Fame podcast, via NoDQ: “Going back to WWE, my thing is it must have been the best kept secret FOX ever pulled off. It must have been one of those deals — [On a rumor that CM Punk was brought int to do a screentest with Renee Young and Booker T].

"Now, you know what? The one I read said that he was brought in to do test shots with Renee Young. No Booker T. I know nothing about this at all.

“Look man. Me and Punk, you know, we had no beef or anything like that when he was in WWE. I remember when I brought CM Punk down to Reality of Wrestling when he was a young, young kid.

"And now, he’s a big star now, you know, CM Punk. And for the last five years now, he’s been on a hiatus. You know, he had the MMA run with the UFC.

"I know he’s doing some commentary now with MMA. And you know, for him to step back into the world of wrestling, it’s something that I never thought I’d see because when CM Punk, he seemed like that guy that when stepped away from it, he said, ‘I’m done with professional wrestling, and I never want to see a professional wrestler ring ever again.”


While there's nothing to suggest that Booker T is lying, there's also every chance that he has been told to keep things a secret until the show debuts on Fox to make Punk's return to WWE programming a surprise.

We'll have to wait and see if Punk decides to jump back into the wrestling business and if it will be with WWE.


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