Roy Keane names five world-class players he played with at Manchester United


Roy Keane was the special guest on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football for the Premier League clash between Manchester United and Arsenal - and the Irishman didn’t disappoint.

The 48-year-old often comes across as unnecessarily miserable and moody when working on television, but he seemed a lot more mellow on Monday evening.

As well as covering the 1-1 draw - which Keane accurately described as “shocking” - Keane also spoke about his illustrious playing career and his hopes of returning to management.

Keane has often been extremely critical of Sir Alex Ferguson after the way in which he was treated by the legendary Scot at the end of his spell at Old Trafford.

But on MNF, the former United captain spoke a lot more respectfully about Ferguson, admitting he was a genius who always knew the right thing to say.

"I think we both really loved and wanted to do what was best for Manchester United,” he said.

Keane was also asked to name the players that he believed were genuinely world-class by Jamie Carragher.

He asked Keane: “In the years you played at Manchester United, who would you say were the world-class players? Where’s your bar on world class?”


Keane responded: “Well, we never gave ourselves an opportunity to talk about players being world class. I felt that if we ever went down that road we would be getting ahead of ourselves."


Ryan Giggs

He continued: “If I look back now, you’d have to class Giggsy. I always class the world-class players as lads who were doing it for nine, 10, 11 [years] - obviously Giggsy’s done it for a lot longer. To me, that’s the key to being a really good player: you’ve got to be consistent.

“We see players now, they’ve having a good month and patting themselves on the back. You have to be good for years and years, and Giggsy would have been a prime example."

David Beckham, Roy Keane

Mark Hughes

“Listen, Mark Hughes was a brilliant striker."

Mark Hughes of Manchester United and Craig Fleming of Oldham

Eric Cantona

“Eric [Cantona] was a brilliant player. I know people say ‘Eric didn’t do it on this stage and that stage - the international stage... but a brilliant player to play with."

Swindon Town v Manchester United Premier League 1994 Cantona Sent off

Paul Scholes

“Scholsey was brilliant."

Manchester United's English midfielder P

Denis Irwin

“Denis Irwin… My god, imagine if Denis Irwin was playing now. He could play left-back, right-back, get you a goal, knew how to defend, never injured, a brilliant guy in the dressing room. Denis would be world-class to me - and he’s a Corkman!”

Dennis Irwin and Roy Keane of Manchester United

So, there you have it. Off the top of his head, Keane named five world-class teammates - but people may be surprised by the lack of a mention for players like Peter Schmeichel, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In fairness, Keane only played with Ronaldo between 2003-2005, when the Portuguese superstar was frustrating and inconsistent.

Yes, he showed moments of brilliance but Keane can be forgiven for omitting him from his list.

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