Triple H admits that he is open to CM Punk returning to wrestling with WWE

CM Punk and Triple H

CM Punk is the talk of the wrestling world right now, and that's with a Wednesday Night War about to start as well!

News broke last week regarding Punk meeting up with FOX Sports at their Los Angeles studio, where he reportedly did some on-screen testing material relating to WWE Backstage, an upcoming WWE analysis show.

After what happened five years ago in Punk's final days with WWE, many would be surprised if he ever went back to work for them, but if he agreed to the WWE Backstage role, he'd be working for FOX, and not WWE themselves.

Punk did tell Collider Live that although he's open to anything at this point, he doesn't want to wrestle at the moment.

That's not to say he won't in the future, as he admitted he's open to the right deal when it comes to working with WWE, but more importantly Punk revealed he's 'changed as a person', and that he 'doesn't need confrontation and drama' in his life anymore.

With Punk creating a lot of talk in the media right now, Sky Sports just had to pose a question to Triple H during a media day at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, just hours before NXT goes live on the USA Network for two hours for the first time.

CM Punk's future is wide open, with the door not shut on a return to WWE one day

"You never say never in WWE," The Game told Sky Sports.

"Any time anybody goes 'that'll never happen', sooner or later it ends up being wrong maybe.

"The desire has to be there on both sides. I don't know if it is on his [Punk's], and I don't know where we would be if that desire was brought up to us.

"The past is the past, you move on and everybody puts things behind them. If there is an opportunity to do business, Vince [McMahon] has said it a million times, we're open for business."

Getting Punk back in a wrestling ring would probably be a hard task, but if anyone can make it happen - it's WWE.

The Chicago native though has always said WWE need to make a move and that he won't come looking for them, so the ball is in Vince McMahon's court at this moment in time.

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