Cristiano Ronaldo’s secrets to being in incredible physical condition aged 34

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A lot of footballers look ready for retirement as they approach their mid-30s, but Cristiano Ronaldo certainly isn’t one of them.

The Portuguese legend, who turns 35 in February, has kept himself in top physical condition throughout his illustrious career.

A model professional, Ronaldo is now reaping the rewards for dedicating himself to his sport.

But what’s his secret? How is he in such good physical condition for a 34-year-old?

Well, Spanish newspaper AS have lifted the lid on Ronaldo’s exercise regime, diet and sleeping habits. And it explains why he’s still in tip-top shape.

Ronaldo's diet

Diet is obviously crucial for any athlete - but unlike others footballers, naming no names(!), there are no cheat days where Ronaldo is concerned.

AS say that Ronaldo isn’t just careful with what he eats and how much of each portion, but he’s also incredibly strict in terms of how he divides his day between training, rest and relaxation.

He has six separate meals a day, all based around a diet of protein and carbohydrates. His main foods are pasta and chicken - which is fairly standard for a modern-day professional - although the five-time Ballon d’Or winner always has his cooked without oil or salt.


When it comes to fluids, Ronaldo only allows himself to drink water, except for at breakfast time when he’ll drink a fruit juice - usually pineapple or orange juice.


Ronaldo's training plan

As for training, Ronaldo follows his own specific programme. This involves five gym sessions a week, plus pilates and swimming.


AS add that Ronaldo’s personal trainers are forced to intervene to prevent him from overtraining, such is his desire to keep fit, although it’s difficult for them to know where to set the limit given his physical potential.


Ronaldo's sleeping habits

And then there’s sleep, which is just as important for any top athlete.

Ronaldo aims to get eight hours sleep a night, dropping off and waking up at the same time every day.


This isn’t always possible, of course, but eight hours is his nightly target.

The world-class forward also has a daily siesta after his fourth meal. Siestas have been shown to have various health benefits and are common throughout the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

Willpower is essential

But above all - and for all this to work - you need to have unbelievable willpower.

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Ronaldo has this abundance and every aspiring footballer hoping to prolong their careers for as long as possible should certainly look to the Juventus star for inspiration.

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