Gamers figure out how to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC with a mouse and keyboard


Call of Duty: Mobile is out now and as expected, hardcore fans are already using their mouse and keyboards to play the popular franchise on its newest format.

Free-to-download through Google Play and the App Store, the first-person shooter is available for mobiles in all regions except for mainland China, Vietnam and Belgium.

The adaptation of the hit series was developed by Chinese gaming giant Tencent and has been in beta mode during 2019, in which players were able to connect their mouse and keyboard.

And now with its full launch, it seems little has changed.

Despite this, the developers spoke of their desire to create a game and market for mobile gamers.

“We’re committed to developing games to target global markets,” said Ji at TiMi, which became the largest of Tencent’s four main creative studios off the back of breakout success Honour of Kings.

“Call of Duty is very influential globally and we hope this game can help us reach hundreds of millions of mobile gamers overseas.”

The secret to playing the newly released version of the game was revealed by YouTube channel 'JackTheBus'.

In a video published on September 30, the process behind connecting the PC tools to the mobile game is explained in detail, allowing gamers to play the new release through their most comfortable method.

Firstly, those wanting to play this way must download the Game Loop software. Once doing so, Call of Duty: Mobile should appear as an install option immediately.

Fortunately, the use of such software doesn't violate any of Activision's terms of service.

Have started the game on your PC for the first time, key-binds are already in place so players won't even need to set their settings themselves.

Having been launched on the October 1, the mobile game has already reportedly attracted 20 million gamers within the first couple of days since its debut, making it one of the most successful mobile game launches ever.


Head of mobile insights at Sensor Tower Randy Nelson re-affirmed the game's strong start.

“This is a particularly strong launch for the action genre on mobile and mobile games in general,” he wrote in an email.

“I can tell that Tencent has incorporated what it learned in the development of PUBG Mobile here.”

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare later this month, the early success of Call of Duty: Mobile sets the franchise up for an exciting few weeks of gaming.

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