Jake Hager makes his All Elite Wrestling debut and aligns himself with Chris Jericho

Jake Hager during his AEW debut

There was much anticipation in the air in Washington D.C. last night, and it would be fair to say that All Elite Wrestling hit a home run in their debut television show.

In-front of a packed-out Capital One Arena in the nation's capital, 14,129 people saw Dynamite for the first time, as the Wednesday Night Wars had officially begun.

Cody Rhodes defeated Sammy Guevara in the show opener, the cocky MJF got on the microphone for the first time, leading to 14,000 'a**hole' chants from the crowd, before he defeated Brandon Cutler, and the man formerly known as Neville in WWE - PAC - defeated Adam 'Hangman' Page.

The first AEW Women's Champion was also crowned as Japanese star Riho defeated Nyla Rose, and after that was over it was time for the main event, where Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were supposed to take on AEW Champion Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz.

Omega wasn't in the match for long as Jon Moxley took him out as they brawled all around the arena, and it was Moxley who drove himself and Omega through a glass coffee table with a Death Rider.

That made the main event a handicap match, with Jericho pinning Nick Jackson of the Bucks with his Judas Effect elbow for the win - that wouldn't be the end of the action though.

The fight continued post-match, with both Cody and Dustin Rhodes assisting The Bucks and Guevara backing up Jericho, Ortiz and Santana, but the latter foursome would quickly be joined by the debuting Jake Hager.

Chris Jericho's new stable - which includes Jake Hager

Known as Jack Swagger in WWE, Hager turned to MMA earlier this year and won two fights in Bellator, but AEW have snapped him up in his return to sports entertainment, and he made his presence felt by destroying Dustin Rhodes.

It looks like Jericho has created his own stable already, and Hager looks like he will be the muscle of the group.

Whilst he never had a prolonged spell in the main event scene for WWE, Hager's appearance popped the crowd massively and it is a solid pick-up for AEW.

The closing angle definitely creates some intrigue going forward - with Omega tied up with Moxley it means Cody, Dustin and The Bucks need a fifth man to even the odds against Y2J's new powerful unit - we could see another surprise debut coming up!

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