Jordan Devlin exclusive: The Irish Ace on his future in NXT UK and being unimpressed by Finn Balor


Jordan Devlin is one of the hottest properties in NXT UK right now. 

He landed in WWE back in 2017, after wrestling on the independent circuit for over a decade. 

Since arriving, the Irish Ace has impressed in matches against the likes of Travis Banks, Noam Dar and even main roster superstar Finn Balor

After grafting on one of WWE's most exciting brands for over two years now, Devlin believes that he's ready to be the face of NXT UK.

Ahead of live shows in Brentwood this weekend, the Irishman outlined his plans for the future in an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport on Friday morning. 

Delvin took matters into his own hands on a recent episode of NXT, calling out Tyler Bate for falling short in his WWE United Kingdom title match against WALTER. 

"It’s not just about going after Tyler," he said, speaking of the incident. 

"It’s the idea that he’s the best wrestler on the NXT roster, but he’s clearly not. It’s clearly the guy that’s putting on Match of the Night every single night and being the benchmark of NXT - me."

"Tyler went out there and tried to get sympathy from fans and I’d had enough, so I had to go out there and set the record straight. 

Devlin confronted Bate on a recent episode of NXT UK

"He’s not the face of the brand, I am. If I had been facing WALTER at TakeOver I’d be UK champion right now." 

Devlin is a man that possesses plenty of confidence. At just 29-years-old, he already has nearly two decades of experience inside the ring.

His career has seen him face off with WALTER plenty of times, but never in WWE. That's something the Irish Ace hopes will change soon.

"I know I can beat WALTER, so the sooner the better," he said.

Devlin is ready to take the WWE UK title

"If Johnny Saint bucks up his ideas and puts me in a marquee matchup, then soon people will see the Irish Ace with the WWE title." 

Delvin views himself very highly - but he's not the only one. NXT founder Triple H has been public in his praise of the Irishman before - and that means a lot to the British talent he oversees. 

"The fact that he sees something in me is no surprise. Kings recognise kings and in this case, kings recognise aces. He knows what he has when he has me on his roster," Devlin said.

"Obviously I’m chuffed to hear that he’s willing to go public with his admiration of me, that only adds to the hype around me and my confidence." 

Triple H speaks highly of Devlin

Devlin is hoping to be the next Irishman to crack WWE and if he does, he'll be following in the footsteps of Finn Balor. 

The Demon shocked wrestling fans earlier this week when he announced a return to NXT, stepping away from the main roster. That move, Devlin believes, is huge for the development brand. 

"Finn can do whatever he wants in his career. He’s obviously one of the biggest stars in this industry and if he’s decided that his future lies in NXT then it’s a huge coup for the NXT America brand. 

The Irish Ace recognises his countryman's talents but revealed that he wasn't impressed with Balor when they wrestled at TakeOver Blackpool in January 2019. 

Devlin wasn't impressed with Balor in January

"As far as it relates to me, I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with him - surprisingly - at TakeOver Blackpool.

"If he ever wants to come back over to NXT UK for a re-match then I’d be more than happy to do that. I wasn’t expecting to fight one of the company’s top stars [that night]. He caught me unawares.

"If I had more notice for who I was training for and what I was training for I would have given a better account of myself.

"But I’ll let that go, we’ll see what happens when we next get in the ring together."

The pair could have a re-match one day

On a personal level though, Delvin has nothing but respect for Balor, the man that trained him from a young age. In fact, he still sees the latter as a 'yardstick' to measure his own career against.

"I met him when I was 12 and he was 21. He had a large part to play in my former years.

"He left for NJPW when I was 16 and since then he’s been the yardstick for me to try and catch up to him and measure myself again.

"He was wrestling in Japan winning the heavyweight titles, so I went to Japan to try that myself. He came to NXT and shortly thereafter I was signed to NXT UK.

"So it feels like I’m a couple of steps behind him but running the same path." 

Devlin and Balor are on the same career path

If Devlin continues to follow the same path as Balor, then he will end up on the main roster one day. But right now, the Irishman is fully committed to being the best in NXT UK.

"Maybe one day [I'll go to the main roster], you can never say never. I’m very much focused at the moment on NXT UK and winning the WWE UK title.

"Then when I’ve done everything here and achieved all that I can achieve, then maybe I’ll look at taking a trip across the Atlantic. For now, all my focus is on NXT UK." 

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