Brock Lesnar defeats Kofi Kingston for WWE Title - before being confronted by Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez made his debut on WWE programming

A new-look SmackDown came to FOX for the first time, and the drama increased ten-fold on a wild night in Los Angeles.

All the stars and legends of WWE past came out to play, including The Rock, who had an in-ring segment for the first time in over three years.

The night was building up to one match though, and it was Brock Lesnar challenging Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

Kingston had held the title since WrestleMania 35, where he defeated Daniel Bryan in a true heartwarming storyline, and had overcome the challenges of Randy Orton, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens in months gone by.

But Lesnar posed the biggest threat yet to his reign, and with rumours rife that FOX had made a big play for Lesnar to be on SmackDown, it seemed inevitable that the title would be going home with him.

Some were optimistically hoping for some shenanigans to occur in which Kofi would keep the title - but that was not to happen at all.

The bell rung for the main event of the night, and just nine seconds and one F5 later, Kofi's near six-month title reign was over just like that.

Brock Lesnar stands victorious on SmackDown with Paul Heyman

Boos and general shock rung around the Staples Center, but Lesnar's joy wouldn't last long, as Rey Mysterio's music hit.

Lesnar of course destroyed Mysterio and his son Dominick on Raw this past week, but Rey wouldn't come alone - he brought former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez with him.

Velasquez defeated Lesnar for that title inside the Octagon in October 2010, and he's now arrived in WWE, and he briefly got an attack in on Lesnar before the new champion scarpered.

Velasquez recently debuted in professional wrestling for Lucha Libre AAA underneath a mask, and has wildly impressed fans with his athleticism and know-how in the ring.

Despite working with AEW star Cody Rhodes just a few months ago, Cain has chose WWE and it looks like he's going to be thrust into a huge storyline.

FOX seemingly want some genuine athletes, and who better to have than two real-life legitimate MMA stars feuding on their brand-new wrestling show!

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