Marcelo Bielsa once threatened Newell's Old Boys fans with a grenade

When Mauricio Pochettino was asked how he’d help Tottenham get over their 7-2 thrashing at the hands of Bayern Munich, it was natural that he looked to Marcelo Bielsa as an example. 

The Leeds boss is a father figure to many of the world’s best coaches, including the Spurs manager and Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola. 

Having coached in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Chile, France and Italy, Bielsa has just about seen it all. 

So inevitably, Pochettino was able to recall an occasion when he was playing under ‘El Loco’ – more on that nickname later – at Newell’s Old Boys in February 1992. 

The Leprosos were beaten 6-0 by San Lorenzo in the Copa Libertadores. 

The Daily Mail have recalled a story about the aftermath of that collapse, when furious supporters turned up at Bielsa’s home. 

Little did they know they would find their manager on the doorstep holding a grenade, threatening to pull the pin and throw it at them if they didn’t leave. 

He then proceeded to chase them down the road. 

It seems they were a little too hasty to criticise him too, as Newell’s Old Boys then went on to win the Clausura title. 

Bielsa has always detested the nickname ‘El Loco’ – the crazy one – but you can see where it’s come from. 

And Leeds fans thought he was eccentric for sitting on a box. 

Pochettino recalled: 

“In six months, we [Newell’s Old Boys] changed completely the perception.

“I remember Bielsa talking to us individually and talking to the collective, making changes and slowly turning around the situation. That is the most important thing.

“We need to be clever and learn from this. But we will have to do it in a different way. That was 27 years ago. This is a different era.”

How the beleaguered Tottenham boss needs to turn things around now.

If only Bielsa had any advice on being thrashed by Brighton… 

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