Legendary Nintendo PlayStation up for grabs to the highest bidder


A famous prototype console has been put up for sale and is available for anyone to make their interest known.

The legendary Nintendo PlayStation is on the market with current owner Terry Diebold announcing via Twitter that he was curious to see how much a piece of gaming history could make.

Cedric Biscay, a friend of Mr Diebold, confirmed that the console was obtainable for everyone, and with plenty of people interested, including private collectors and museums, it could see some hefty money being thrown around.

The Super NES CD-ROM - better known as the Nintendo PlayStation - is one-of-a-kind and this makes it unique to the industry. It was a joint effort between gaming superpowers Nintendo and Sony to create an optical disk drive compatible console in 1988.

The console features Nintendo controllers and has Sony PlayStation branding which makes it very unique.

The two eventually moved apart to create their own consoles with Sony creating the PlayStation in 1994 and Nintendo launching their first official CD-ROM console the GameCube in 2000. Nintendo had previously continued their usage of game cartridges as opposed to CD-ROMs.

The battle for market supremacy was prevalent in the 90s with both searching for control before Microsoft entered the race in 2001. Nintendo and PlayStation’s foray into the market together is the most infamous example of a prototype machine like this, but there may be more obscure ones.

If the right bid comes through, it is sure to make the current owner a very wealthy man and little is known about what kind of offers he is willing to accept.

Diebold clearly loves the prototype having owned it for many years and may want it to be sold to the right person.

Some people feel that it would be a shame to have the historic console go back into the hands of an individual or collector. A museum where people could view it would be preferable for most people interested in the gaming industry. There are rumours that video game lovers may be able to get involved in a crowd-funded purchase of the console to make sure it is looked after properly.

As yet it is unknown what will happen if he doesn’t receive a bid to his liking. Although, it is unlikely that you will see it floating around online marketplaces like eBay or Gumtree

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