Seth Rollins shows great restraint when an obnoxious fan belittles him after WWE Hell in a Cell


It's fair to say that the vast majority of WWE fans are not happy with how Hell in a Cell finished, but just don't be this guy. Thankfully, Seth Rollins showed a great deal of restraint.

WWE fans in Sacramento were not happy with how Hell in a Cell's main event match of Seth Rollins vs 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship finished.

Despite it being a Hell in a Cell contest, the match finished in a no contest/disqualification, likely in an attempt by WWE to protect both superstar's momentum.

However, WWE may have ruined both Rollins' and The Fiend's momentum in the process, as fans expressed their anger with WWE with several different chants after the show went off the air.

Fans at the Golden1 Center in Sacramento could be heard chanting 'AEW' and 'refund' after Hell in a Cell concluded, but one fan might have taken the heckling a little bit too far, especially in the direction of the Universal Champion.

The obnoxious fan can be heard directing his anger in The Beastslayer's direction while holding up a sign which reads 'Seth Rollins is not cool'.

Thankfully, Rollins showed great poise and a great deal of restraint by not going after the fan in the video who was trying to get in his face.

While it's not clear as of writing, in all likelihood, The Beastslayer is not solely responsible for the poor booking of Hell in a Cell's main event finish.

Therefore, he shouldn't be receiving the flack he was being given by the fan featured in the videos above.

Yet, on a week where WWE needed to deliver in order to stay on top of new competition like AEW, they did not, and they could pay a price for it.


After AEW smashed NXT in the ratings on Wednesday night and SmackDown failed to show all the advertised legends, WWE needed to put on a good Hell in a Cell show to repay their fans.

They did not. They failed to properly advertise the show and they failed to deliver in the matches on the show, especially in the main event. WWE got the reaction they deserved.

However, this is an issue with WWE creative, not an issue with Rollins, Wyatt, or how any other superstar performed on the night, and that must be remembered during times like this.

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