Italy and Puma release stunning new green shirt that breaks 108-year tradition of blue kits


Italy have a rich football history, both at club and international level. 

Some of the most famous teams in the world call Serie A home - the likes of AC Milan, Inter, Juventus and Roma to name a few. 

On the international stage, the Italians are four-time World Cup winners, making them the second-most successful side in history behind Brazil.

When we think of Italian football, we think of legendary players like Andrea Pirlo, Roberto Baggio and Paolo Maldini. 

We also think of the colour blue. The national team is nicknamed 'Azzurri' which literally translates to 'light blue' - the colour their home kit has been since 1911. 

But Italy may need a new nickname - at least until March 2020 - because Puma have just dropped their new, GREEN home shirt. 

The German brand have launched the 'Renaissance Kit' which takes inspiration from that historic period, to celebrate the fresh generation of talent rising in Italy, both on and off the pitch. 

Check out the stunning new shirt below: 

Italy will break tradition this year Italy's new kit is GREEN

Breaking 108 years of blue shirt tradition won't sit well with die-hard supporters, but the stunning shirt will appeal to others. 

There is meaning behind the colour change too. Although the senior team always wear blue, Italian youth teams have historically been known to wear green instead on occasion. 

It was seen as motivation for players to one day make the senior side and earn the right to play in blue. Very interesting indeed. 

Italy have played in blue since 1911

Per sources, Italy will wear their new kit for the first time during the upcoming international break, in a fixture against Greece. 

The Azzurri - or perhaps the 'Verde' now - will continue to sport it until March 2020, when Puma will release their home kit for Euro 2020. That one is expected to be blue, and the green will revert to a third kit. 

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