Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman brawl at the end of WWE Raw


Tyson Fury is going all-in on his current time in WWE, as he got himself involved in a brawl with Braun Strowman as Monday Night Raw went off the air this week.

Tyson Fury had been invited to appear on Raw this week to talk about his verbal altercation with Braun Strowman on last week's Friday Night SmackDown.

Fury said in a tweet that Strowman insulted his family on SmackDown with his actions, and that if he showed him disrespect again on Monday night, he won't let it go unpunished this time.

When The Gypsy King Fury appeared on Raw this week as the show was about to finish, he demanded an apology from The Monster Among Men for what happened on SmackDown's debut on Fox.

Strowman interrupted the promo and warned Fury against entering his squared circle. The undefeated boxer replied by telling Braun he hasn't won any world championships unlike him.

A brawl then erupted with security filled the ring. WWE superstars then spilled from the locker room in an attempt to calm things down as well as security was struggling to contain them both.

The Monster Among Men eventually headed backstage, where he declined to apologize during an interview Charly Caruso, before rushing back to the ring where the brawl once again broke out as the show faded to black.

However, the action didn't stop there. The brawl continued after Raw went off the air to a point where Fury found was alone in the ring with Cesaro.

The Gypsy King would end up drilling The Swiss Superman with two punches to knock him out before exiting the ring.


While it is yet to be confirmed by WWE, it is believed that Fury will have a WWE match against Strowman at Crown Jewel later this month on Halloween in Saudi Arabia.

Given that the undefeated boxer is a part of this match, WWE will likely be officially booking the match sooner rather than later in order to draw in outside interest.

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