Free-kicks woes in FIFA 20? There's a 45-second tutorial on how to master them

Taking free-kicks on FIFA 20 has proven to be incredibly difficult - until now

FIFA 20 is bloody hard.

After months of waiting for EA Sports' latest edition of the franchise, many loyal players are left frustrated with the difficult nature of the new game.

Defending against a pacy attacker has become virtually impossible, while scoring one-on-ones feels a bit like a lottery.

But neither of those two things compare to the new system for taking free-kicks.

Gone are the days of simply relying on the power bar and directing the set-piece with the left analog stick - with no real idea of where the ball is going.

In FIFA 20, there is now a reticle which you have to move into place to guide the ball and you can then apply spin with the right stick.

Free-kicks in FIFA 20 have proven mighty difficult

However, keeping the reticle in place requires the patience of a saint and most free-kicks end up either nowhere near the target or dropping into the goalkeeper's gloves at the pace of a snail.

But don't worry FIFA fans, your days of set-piece struggles may finally be over!

Reddit user teambavaria48 has provided a 45-second clip on how to master the art of taking free-kicks on FIFA 20.

You can watch his video below.


So firstly, you need place the reticle to the corner, but as high as you can possibly go.

Step 1

Then, you charge the power bar up to 4.5.

Step 2

After doing that, you need to quickly flick the right stick down.

Step 3

Finally - and crucially - you need to flick the right stick up and hold it there, before watching the ball sail past the goalkeeper.

Step 4

So there you have it, a new weapon added to your FIFA 20 arsenal!

Now when your opponent commits a foul on the edge of the box in Division Rivals or Weekend League, you won't have to resort to passing to a teammate instead of shooting.

Just make sure you have some decent free-kick takers in your team...

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