Former Liverpool player, Nick Tanner, is world No.1 in Fantasy Football

Nick Tanner

We’re eight weeks into the Premier League season and some of you may have already given up Fantasy Football for yet another year.

In the summer, you promise yourself that you’re going to take it seriously this time around and even pay to enter some leagues to keep up your interest.

But after a few bad opening weeks, you begin to lose interest once again.

But some players take it seriously throughout the season.

There’s nothing better than beating all your mates and topping your respective league - and possibly picking up a bit of money in the process.

But no matter how well you’ve started this season, you’re not doing as well as former Liverpool player Nick Tanner.

Tanner is currently ranked No.1 in the world out of 7 million players.


Tanner had to retire from professional football at the age of 28 but he spent six years at Anfield during his career.

And now, he’s a Fantasy Football expert.

Incredibly, this is only Tanner’s second season playing the game.

“I hadn’t even done fantasy football before last season. My lad William set up a league with his mates and I joined that but I didn’t really know the rules," he told The Athletic.

"I was so far behind that I lost interest and gave up. But this time around 25 of us stuck a tenner in each so I decided to take it more seriously.

"I studied the rules and made sure I knew exactly what the deal was in terms of earning points.

"They were all taking the piss at the start saying ‘old man, you haven’t got a chance’. They aren’t taking the piss anymore!”

So, who has Tanner got in his team?


And Tanner also revealed his top five tips that will help you beat your mates this season.

  • 1) Invest your money on midfielders and strikers. Expensive goalkeepers and defenders are a waste.
  • 2) Get off to a strong start and use your bonuses early - it means you won't lose interest and gets points on the board.
  • 3) Keep an eye on big teams with good players underperforming. "I'm looking at Spurs now, they can't get any worse and have Watford coming up."
  • 4) Steer away from Manchester City. "You never know who the manager is going to pick".
  • 5) Trust your eyes and hope for luck.
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