Brock Lesnar was once a victim of Big Show's 'explosive diarrhoea' during South Africa live show

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Brock Lesnar and Big Show. Two of the biggest athletes World Wrestling Entertainment have ever had, and two that have produced plenty of great spots in their time with the company.

Who could forget when the ring imploded on SmackDown after a superplex from the top rope?!

However, there was one moment between the pair that both men would want to be forgotten.

Earlier in the year, Brock Lesnar took part in a Q&A session with Rod Pederson in front of nearly 1,000 patrons at the the Prince of Wales Centre, and he spoke about the time a match with Big Show went terribly and horrifyingly wrong.

Lesnar and Show were wrestling during a live show in South Africa during the former's first run with the company. Back then, The Beast Incarnate was a rising star and signed full time to the company, not like his sporadic appearances these days.

But, there was a problem, and a problem that made Lesnar's night miserable and rather disgusting.

Big Show, real name Paul Wight, was suffering from food poisoning going into the match-up, and despite not feeling great, he was adamant that the show, pardon the pun, must go on.

So after saying he still wanted to wrestle, the two giants made their way down to the ring....this was a bad mistake.

After Lesnar slammed Show to the canvas, the 7ft giant exploded with diarrhoea, and unfortunately for Brock, the s**t went all over him.


About the incident, Pederson said: "Before long he was doing 300 shows per year around the globe and while he was making millions, it became a real grind. However, he was never afraid of hard work.

"Lesnar told the amusing/disgusting story of how, one night during a show in South Africa, The Big Show had food poisoning.

Lesnar slammed him to the canvas and his opponent exploded with diarrhoea all over him!

Thankfully for all involved, this happened at a live show, which aren't televised to the world, and not a RAW or SmackDown, or even worse, a PPV.

So next time you complain about Lesnar and his sporadic appearances, just remember, he once took a spot which consisted of Big Show's explosive diarrhoea.

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