FIFA 20 Speed Test: Which players are the fastest with and without the ball?

FIFA 20 has now been on the shelves for over two weeks.

Gamers have been able to collect EA Sports’ latest edition in their flagship series, sinking their teeth into the latest Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs updates as well as the new Volta Football mode.

It has also given them the chance to test-drive the new player ratings and see which cards are actually overrated or underrated compared to their statistics.

And one data-set that will always catch the eye of gamers is pace.

Sprint speed and acceleration might not be as important as it was back in the days of FIFA 13 or 14, but having quick players can be key in both starting or stopping attacks.

Fastest players in FIFA 20

Besides, there are many instances in football that devolve into a footrace and winning that head-to-head could the difference between victory and defeat.

And bearing that in mind, EA continued their tradition of revealing their fastest players before the game’s release and a few familiar faces have long been confirmed as some of the quickest.

In descending order, the top five goes as follows: Adam Traore (96), Kylian Mbappe (96), Leroy Sane (95), Anibal Chala (95) and Kensuke Nagai (95).

Who’s really the fastest?

However, how well do those statistics stand up when you actually put the players against one another?

The transferability of the data to the game itself has always intrigued gamers and just like FIFA 19, one particular YouTuber has set up a footrace tournament between the game’s fastest players.

We’re focusing on sprinting without the ball as the truest test of speed and ‘awesomePCgames’ has used the training arena to do all the legwork. Check out the tournament tree here: 

Sprinting without the ball

So, what happened in the end? Well, it will come as little surprise to hear that Traore took the victory, but it was Nagai as opposed to Mbappe who qualified for the final.

Meanwhile, the likes of Sane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah and Gareth Bale were all dumped out during the first round of races. You can check out the full video below:

Sprinting with the ball

Very interesting stuff and the same YouTuber also tested speed with the ball.

Traore once again emerged victorious, showing that EA’s rankings stand firm, but it was actually Douglas Costa who defied his 94 pace rating to reach the final showdown.

Mbappe failed just as disappointingly as last time with a semi-final defeat, while the likes of Neymar and Ousmane Dembele improved leaps and bounds with the football at their feet. 

But it all goes to show that Traore is the king of speed across the board and Manchester City know that all too well.

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