Edge visited the home city of WWE's head doctor on Tuesday for 'WWE business'


WWE Hall of Famer Edge has been the focus of constant speculation recently regarding a potential return to WWE.

News that broke regarding Edge leaving his podcasting role with Christian a few weeks back sparked rumours that he could be returning to WWE.

The other reason simply could've been that he was simply going to perform more fatherly duties now his wife Beth Phoenix is commentating live on NXT every week.

But his comments two months ago where he said he feels he could have another match if he got cleared by doctors were the words that initially got WWE fans excited, and it was just days after he Speared Elias at SummerSlam.

Edge's Spear to Elias at SummerSlam teased fans that he may return to the ring one day

He seemed to refute rumours that he had been cleared to have another wrestling match on social media during SmackDown's first episode of FOX, but it seems there has been another development since then.

PW Insider's Mike Johnson has reported that Edge was in Pittsburgh yesterday, and that he was on 'WWE business'.

That's strange considering WWE's headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, but when you then realise that WWE's head doctor is based in Pittsburgh, things start to look a bit clearer.

That's right, Dr. Joseph Maroon's official title is the 'medical director of WWE', and he's the man that superstars go to to get cleared to wrestle.

Remember, the Canadian retired in 2011, just a week after WrestleMania 27, due to being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis.

Edge retired back in 2011 from wrestling due to a neck injury

Another match could've rendered him paralysed, so it would be really shocking if Edge were to return to the ring or be cleared by Maroon.

But you get the feeling that the Spear to Elias at SummerSlam was a bit of a tester, and it was a tease as to what may come in the future.

Crown Jewel may be too soon if he really does get cleared to wrestle again, but GiveMeSport will be the first to tell you when any further news on Edge's status is cleared up.

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