Carabao Cup wanted to hold a draw on the International Space Station


Is there a future for the English League Cup?

England’s lesser national cup - now sponsored by energy drink Carabao - isn’t exactly taken seriously by the Premier League’s traditional big-six.

Even the mid-table Premier League club don’t take the competition as seriously as they should.

Instead of attempting to win some silverware, they would rather rest players for their upcoming league match.

With France deciding to scrap their equivalent cup it poses the question of whether England will do the same.

However, chiefs are doing their best to make the competition…different.

In recent years, the draw has been held in China, Thailand and Vietnam. This season, the first round draw was made in a Morrisons supermarket three miles from Wembley Stadium.


But that’s nothing compared to what they actually planned to do.

Shaun Harvey - the former EFL chief executive - has revealed that the competition wanted to do a draw in outer space.

No, seriously.


“Genuinely, we opened up discussions with the International Space Station,” Harvey told the Telegraph in his first interview since being ousted as chief executive.


Harvey's plan was to hold the 2017/18 semi-final draw on the ISS - something he even admitted in the programme's notes for that season's final.

Why did they think that was a good idea!?

It may not have rekindled the League Cup but the draw certainly would have got some incredible viewing figures…

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