Chris Jericho blasted WWE's creative team in an epic promo on AEW Dynamite

Chris Jericho

The second night of the Wednesday Night Wars is in the books and it looks like there is only one winner - and that is Chris Jericho.

'Le Champion' of AEW made a major power move on the debut episode of Dynamite last week by creating a super-stable to rival that of 'The Elite', which consists of The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and Adam 'Hangman' Page.

Jericho's posse includes hot-shot Sammy Guevara, the team of Santana and Ortiz and most notably the previously-known Jack Swagger - Jake Hager.

Hager himself made his grand debut last week to a huge reaction, taking out the likes of Cody, The Bucks and Dustin Rhodes following the main event in Washington D.C, and it looks like he's the muscle of Jericho's group.

Speaking of Jericho, the AEW World Champion made presence known in Boston last night as he made his way to the ring with his crew.

He started off by saying that TNT's highest-rated premiere ever was all thanks to him, and that all four men beside him were on his 'new list'.

Chris Jericho and his 'Inner Circle' on AEW Dynamite

But when he was listing off Hager's credentials and achievements, Jericho was interrupted by a huge 'We The People' chant, which of course Hager coined in WWE whilst he was under the Swagger character as a 'Real American'.

Jericho's response to Boston? "We The People sucks and it's dead and buried - it was a stupid idea from bad creative and all that's gone."


Y2J had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand at this point and revealed the name of his group as the 'Inner Circle'.

And despite referencing Eddie Guerrero on his birthday just a few minutes before, he then went full heel and called the late Dusty Rhodes a 'jerk', before saying he was going to 'beat the ever-living S**T' out of Cody.

Jericho has really set the bar high for live promos going forward, and despite being a heel it's just very hard not to cheer for him when most things he says now instantly become memes.

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