ESPN genuinely included Man Utd in their Premier League relegation disussion

Manchester United Media Opportunity

Manchester United have bought a oneway ticket to mid-take mediocrity. 

Just when it looked as though things couldn't possibly get an worse at Old Trafford, the Red Devils have sunk to some of their worst results and performances in the Premier League era.

While Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might have been revolutionary as the interim manager, any sort of foundations he built have come crumbling down around him after becoming permanent boss.

United have secured just four Premier League wins since March: two forgettable 2-1 wins over West Ham and Watford; the narrow 1-0 over Leicester and the anomalous 4-0 thrashing of Chelsea.

And as for this season in particular, United have staggered to draws with Wolves, Arsenal and Southampton as well as falling on their sword against Crystal Palace, West Ham and Newcastle. 

United involved in relegation battle?

United have as many Premier League points since March 10 as Liverpool have victories. Crazy.

It's such a dire run of form that Solskjaer finds himself stewing in 12th place and closer to the relegation zone than the Champions League qualifiers.

And there are people that genuinely believe United could be involved in a battle to avoid the Championship (seriously) and Sam Allardyce was one of the first to popularise the point.

Manchester United v Rochdale AFC - Carabao Cup Third Round

ESPN include United in 'relegation race'

"United do not have enough goals and you can see it becoming a struggle," he said on talkSPORT. "Hopefully it's not a struggle down the bottom end, but they're certainly heading that way."

It would be easy to dismiss Allardyce's comment as hyperbole, but the former Everton manager isn't alone in his aspersions because ESPN also warned of United's potential relegation fight.

Alejandro Moreno and Ross Dyer went through the potential clubs involved in a 'relegation race' this season and none other than United were picked as the final threatened club.

United have fallen so far that they were genuinely considered more likely to go down than Burnley, Crystal Palace, Wolves and West Ham.

"They're all in a relegation battle," Moreno declared. "All of them and that includes Manchester United. Yes, it's only eight games, but there's reason to be worried for all of these teams." 

The pundit did clarify that he doesn't personally think that United would be relegated, but it's not much better when you consider he thinks they'll crawl to a 'mid-table position.'

And the fact arguably the world's biggest club is being associated with the word relegation is damning in itself. Let's hope Solskjaer does a better job at dodging it than he did at Cardiff.

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