Andrade doesn't want to team up with real-life girlfriend Charlotte Flair on WWE TV just yet

Andrade and Charlotte Flair

If WWE have proven one thing when it comes to on-screen partnerships over time, it's that they love using real-life relationships on the small screen.

Cast your minds back to the late 1980s, where Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth were one of the hottest double-acts in the business.

Fast forward to the 2000s and who can forget the coupling of the Rated-R Superstar Edge and his mistress Lita?

She cheated on then-boyfriend Matt Hardy whilst he was injured at home, and Vince McMahon brought the real-life angle to Monday Night Raw in one of the edgiest storylines of the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Much more recently WWE have pushed Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch together, despite the remonstrations of the Irishwoman.

Lynch didn't want WWE to push the relationship in the viewers faces but that's exactly what they did, and although they haven't been on-screen together since July, Rollins and Lynch are now engaged.

One couple that hasn't made it to weekly programming yet is Charlotte Flair and Andrade.

Andrade and Charlotte Flair are very public with their relationship on social media

In 2019 it was revealed the 10-time Women's Champion and El Idolo were in a relationship, and they were pictured together at the WWE Hall of Fame just a couple of months later.

They're pretty public about their life on social media, but Andrade doesn't envisage the two getting together on Raw or SmackDown anytime soon, but he's not ruled it out altogether.

“She is focusing on her career and I am focusing on my career. But in the future maybe we’ll be a Mixed Match Challenge team. I know it’s a great idea," Andrade told Digital Spy.

"Maybe not now, maybe in a year or two years. I like this idea because I have a great connection with her outside the ring and inside the ring.

Sometimes we work out together and when we train in the ring and talk in the ring, I feel the same connection to her as we have outside the ring.

If you combine the pair's wrestling families and raw ability in the squared circle, Charlotte and Andrade could have incredibly athletic and talented offspring in the near future.

 And who knows, we might even see Andrade represent a Flair in the near future - there's every chance Ric could pick him for Team Flair at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

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