Nike release 'Jesus Shoes' that contain holy water

The limits of creativity and athletics have collided this week with the latest MSCHF creative publication.

The creative label based in Brooklyn has evoked the biblical stature of INRI (Iesus Nazaraeus Rex Iudaeorum), of course the symbol scribed on the cross of Jesus Christ himself, to create a customised Nike Air Max 97.

Printed on the outside of the shoe is ‘MT. 14:25’ which in biblical terms depicts the miracle of Jesus walking on water in the Matthew 14:25 verse.

Added to the messianic theme is the fact that 60ml of water has been dredged from the River Jordan and put into each shoe. The River Jordan, of course, has deep catholic connotations and is where Jesus Christ performed the miracle described in Matthew 14:25.

This means that anybody lucky enough to purchase the shoes will literally be able to walk on water. Water, no less, that is the holy water treaded on by the big man from Nazareth.

The biblical references don’t stop there, however. There is a big nod to The Vatican, who of course, is well known for their gluttony of intricate jewels and famous traditional red footwear.

In MSCHF’s effort, therefore, there are red insoles fitted that have been scented with Frankincense. Of course, you may remember, Jesus Christ was given Frankincense by one of the Three Wise Men on the day of his birth, December 25, alongside Gold and Myrrh.

The religious iconography goes one further with the steel emblazoning of a crucifix on the shoelaces.

It has been described, as per, as “an all-round muted water-themed colorway with red accents.”

Even the shoebox that your new shoes will arrive in is Godlike. The box is sealed with the official seal of the Papacy, no less, meaning the likes of John Paul II, Francis and Benedict XVI have their approval of this product.

Also on the box is an angel straight out of Albrecht Durer’s engraving Melencolia I which produced in 1514.

The pair of shoes went on sale on October 8 and officially sold out inside of a minute.

The official retail price was marked at a frankly eye-watering $1,425, but prices have since reached the dizzying heights of $2,499 on the StockX marketplace.

Whatever the cost, if you’re lucky enough to pick up a pair of these shoes you will be certain to look holier than thou.

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