Tony Bellew believes that Oleksandr Usyk could defeat Deontay Wilder

Oleksandr Usyk v Tony Bellew - Cruiserweight World Title Fight

Tony Bellew believes that Oleksandr Usyk can become world heavyweight champion one day by successfully defeating WBC champ Deontay Wilder.

After being knocked out by Usyk last year, Bellew now believes that his former opponent can achieve the goal of becoming world heavyweight champion if he targets current belt holder Wilder.

However, the former WBC cruiserweight champion believes that Usyk won’t beat everyone in the top division, before pointing out Usyk’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Being in there with him you notice straight away that he's always doing something and making you think every step of the way," Bellew said to Sky Sports.

“His footwork is unbelievable for such a big man, and it's his feet that get him into position for attacks.

“For his weaknesses, I still think he's a little bit open and can be caught. Watching his amateur fights, there was always a reaction from him when he got caught clean, but no one has exploited that so far in the pros.

“His chin is up in the air sometimes and if that continues then it might get caught one time."

When asked if Usyk would win a heavyweight title, Bellew said: “Yes. If he was to fight Andy Ruiz tomorrow, then I think he'd win that fight by just being himself and doing what he does best.

“There are only a few guys I don't see him winning against, but he's by far the most skilled fighter in the division and that will always give him a chance.

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“Watching his moves there will be interesting and I wish him all the very best. He's an excellent fighter and I'm certain he will do well."

Bellew also gave his opinion on who Usyk is more likely to beat out of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and Wilder.

Wilder, and that's an easy answer.

"Don't get me wrong, if Wilder lands on him then it's not going to end well for Usyk, but you can say that about any heavyweight who Wilder lands on.

Oleksandr Usyk v Tony Bellew - Cruiserweight World Title Fight

"I just think [Joshua and Fury] are too big for him. Fundamentally, he's a much better boxer than all of them, and I include Fury in that, but he's just too small to compete with them for 12 rounds.

“I think the size of Fury and Joshua would be a massive advantage and I don't think Usyk could overcome it."

Usyk will face Chazz Witherspoon on Saturday in his first heavyweight fight before targeting the world titles.

So far, his boxing record is of 16 wins out of 16 fights, 12 of which were won via KO.

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