Slovenian cyclist Janez Brajkovic shows off shocking state of his legs after race


Slovenian cyclist Janez Brajkovic has shown off the shocking state of his legs following his comeback race after serving a doping ban and battling bulimia.

Brajkovic shocked fans after he uploaded a picture of his leg after a comeback race following his doping ban.

He was suspended back in July 2018 for 10 months after testing positive for methylhexaneamine, but returned in the CRO race in Croatia earlier this month.

He posted photos showing the state of his legs after the race, where every muscle and vein is seemingly visible.

The cyclist revealed he is battling bulimia, and claimed he consumed methylhexaneamine in a food supplement he took while not being able to eat properly.

“I took a meal replacement, it was contaminated, but that was the only thing I could keep inside.

"It happened to me that there were no days I would not cry before embarking on a ride. I was desperate and depressed."

A local sports doctor, Natasa Desnica, the official doctor of the Croatian ski team, explained why Brajkovic’s leg looks like that after the 10-month ban.

“In this sport, this is a normal occurrence and on several occasions.


"I have seen cyclists shortly after three weeks of cycling races in France, Italy and Spain, who looked like him.

"Their legs were incredibly tiny, with no subcutaneous fat, and they were even dehydrated, so every bone could be seen as well as veins on the face and body, and you could see every single muscle like on an anatomical atlas.

“Fortunately, the cyclist recovers from this condition relatively quickly, his appearance normalises, it is only a matter of how such cycles have a lasting effect on health."

Brajkovic, who in 2004 won the World Under-23 Time Trial championship, finished in 38th place in his comeback race where he represented the Adrial Mobil team, with British rider Adam Yates winning.

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