FIFA 20 set to drop brand new 'ICON Swaps' for Ultimate Team

ICON Swaps is the newest addition to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

The holy grail for most FIFA Ultimate Team players is packing an ICON card.

Some of football's biggest legends have immortalised within EA Sports' games and most of the cards are absolute beasts.

For FIFA 20, the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Kaka, Pep Guardiola and more were added to an already stellar cast.

Now, those who were not fortunate enough to pack an ICON on FIFA 19 had to rely on the ICON Squad Building Challenges.

These often meant submitting a variety of high-rated teams, which would cost an outrageous amount of coins.

But for FIFA 20, that system has been ditched in favour of the new and exciting ICON Swaps, with the first round dropping tonight at 6pm.

Essentially, players will have to complete a range of objectives to earn ICON cards, instead of simply forking out millions of coins to complete SBCs.

These challenges are likely to be pretty tough, but it will certainly make the game more of a level playing field.

On FIFA 19, the access to ICON cards was simply too great, making the online game modes on Ultimate Team pretty much unplayable for casual users.

EA Sports confirmed the news on their official website and stated that we will see the introduction of 'First Owner Objectives' for the first round of ICON swaps.

First Owner Objectives will feature in ICON Swaps

They write: "First Owner Objectives require the use of First Owner Player Items. A Player Item will have First Owner status in your club if the item was earned, for example, via Objectives, SBCs, or Packs.

"You can check if a Player Item in your club has first First Owner status by navigating to a Player Item’s Player Bio (press R3/Right Stick while the player is selected) and looking for the 'First Owner' label."

Are you ready to grind out a challenge which requires you to score 20 bicycle kicks in Rivals with a First Owned squad...?

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