AEW beats NXT in the TV ratings for the second week in a row


The TV ratings for the second week of the Wednesday Night Wars between AEW and NXT are in and once again, AEW is dominating WWE.

Wednesday night was the second time which AEW Dynamite and WWE's NXT have gone head to head in the TV ratings in what is looking set out to be an entertaining Wednesday Night War.

Dynamite saw an introduction to Chris Jericho's new stable, The Inner Circle, while NXT crowned a new Cruiserweight Champion in Lio Rush.

The TV ratings released on Thursday revealed that for the second week in a row in the Wednesday Night Wars, AEW has come out on top over NXT.

Wrestling Inc has reported AEW won this week with 1.018 million viewers on TNT vs the 790,000 viewers for NXT on the USA Network. AEW had 29% more viewers than NXT.

AEW also aired on TruTV due to a potential baseball interruption on TNT. There, they drew an extra 122,000 viewers, giving them a total of 1.140 million viewers between the two networks.

However, compared to last week's numbers, 1.4 million viewers for AEW vs 891,000 viewers for NXT, both shows have seen a decline in viewership in the past week.

AEW also drew a 0.46 rating in the 18-49 demographic, topping NXT's 0.22 rating in the same demo by 109%. AEW drew a 0.68 in that demographic last week while NXT drew a 0.32.

While AEW is beating NXT, Dynamite's TV ratings are not coming anywhere close to what Raw is producing for WWE on Monday nights.


This past week's Raw achieved an average of 2.334 million viewers, down from last week's 2.571 million viewers which was advertised Raw's season premiere.

We're two weeks into the Wednesday Night Wars and it's clear to see AEW still has a significant advantage over NXT.

It will be interesting to see exactly what WWE does with NXT in order to swing the TV rating pendulum in their direction and away from AEW Dynamite.

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