Fans hate WWE for booking Chad Gable as 'Shorty Gable'


For the second time in the space of a week, a booking decision by WWE has infuriated fans. This time it involves Chad Gable.

Over the past couple of weeks, Chad Gable has been receiving a mini-push in WWE, but some fans believe it has come at a cost at his dignity.

Gable made it all the way to the final of the King of the Ring tournament last month, only to lose to Baron Corbin in the final.

Throughout the King of the Ring process, superstars made fun and said jokes about his size, most notably calling him shorty.

Well, WWE has begun booking Gable under that name, as tonight on SmackDown, he was booked in a match against King Corbin as Shorty Gable.

WWE even went as far as to make a graphic and a titantron video which says Shorty Gable, which has angered many fans on social media.

One fan said: "Shorty Gable. They actually made a graphic and everything for the Titantron. I hate this f**king company. I shall NEVER refer to him as that fucking bulls**t.

"Why is this match happening AGAIN!? #SmackDown"


Another fan tweeted out Chris Jericho's promo from last week's AEW Dynamite as their response to WWE's Shorty booking decision.

Another fan said: "Poor Chad Gable. Run to New Japan or AEW as soon as you can, fam. This Shorty Gable s**t is absolute death. #WWEDraft #Smackdown"


One fan even said: "Remember when there was a rumored 'Mighty Mouse' gimmick for Neville and everyone was like 'lol that's so fake they'd never do that'

"Anyway here's 'shorty gable'"


Gable wasn't even able to win his match against Corbin on SmackDown, as he was hit with an End of Days and defeated via pinfall.

It's fair to say that WWE has officially run the Gable vs Corbin matchup into the ground as well.

Counting the King of the Ring Final, the two have faced each other four times on WWE TV in the past month.

The Shorty Gable gimmick is not off to a strong start at all.

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