A barbershop is offering free haircuts to anyone who can beat them at FIFA 20


Who doesn't like a good trip down the barbers?

Stepping back out onto the pavement, with that newly minted fresh-trim turning heads, you feel like a completely new person.

All your mates remark on the new look and in general it's just is good moment in anyones life.

However - as we all know all too well - that new cut can often be quite costly, meaning we simply can't head down for a trim whenever we fancy.

However, thanks to a barbershop in Nottingham, your days of coughing up the big bucks for the best look could soon be over.

That is because CSF Barbering in Nottingham are offering customers a free cut if they can beat the barber himself in a game of FIFA 20.

Owner Conor Storer-Fry has decked the shop out with a PlayStation 4 and is ready to take on all comers.

There is quite a frightening catch, however.

Lose to Conor, and your cut will cost you double.

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Speaking in an interview with SPORTbible, Conor explained the idea.

"Being biased, I'd like to say I'd back myself against most at FIFA but my Ultimate Team record definitely wouldn't back that up." he said.

"On average I'll beat more people than I will lose but that's only because I've played it since around Fifa 2003.

"A standard haircut for gents is £9. Students £8. But that doesn't include the most popular haircut which is a skin fade, that will cost you £12.50." Fry says.

"Most people I've played have a skin fade and beard shape up which costs £15 so I'm either giving out a service worth £15, or bagging myself a nice juicy £30!"


A high stakes game of FIFA plus a potentially free trim? Count us in.

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