Fan compiles brilliant compilation of Dennis Bergkamp's filthiest first touches

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Dennis Bergkamp was a football wizard, there is simply no denying it.

When Arsenal fans look back on those glory years, Bergkamp plucking aerial balls out of the air with frightening ease is one of the first images that come to mind.

In fact, the Dutchman's statue at the Emirates Stadium is a recreation of one of his many famous first touches.

The striker's ability to control a football was magical, leaving defender after defender in his wake with some mind-boggling touches.

Who can forget his sublime turn against Newcastle in 2002?

Or the way he plucked the ball out of the air against Argentina in 1998, smashing the Netherlands into the World Cup semi-finals with a now mythical 92nd-minute winner?

Throughout his career, Bergkamp scored some jaw-dropping goals - but that was mainly down to his sublime first touch.

When that touch was on song, he was simply unplayable.

With that in mind, some wonderful fans have made a compilation of the Dutchman's filthiest first touches and it makes for incredible viewing.

Wow - the man was in a league of his own.

You can be sure that, even to this day, those defenders are still having nightmares about some of those obscenely deft touches.

Bergkamp is an undisputed Arsenal legend these days - scoring 85 Premier League goals in 315 appearances for the north London club.


He was a member of Arsene Wenger's incredible invincibles, playing a massive part in the clubs most successful period ever.

And, while a two-minute video could never be enough to show just how talented the man was, we are still glad it exists.

Feel free to watch it a dozen times - you won't be the only one who has.

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