Sole Cambodia fan chanted for the full 90 minutes despite 14-0 loss to Iran

One Cambodia fans demonstrated incredible passion for his team.

There are few things better about football than fans and we've seen a brilliant example of that this week.

Iran v Cambodia was always going to be a notable meeting as it represented the return of women to Iranian football stadiums.

But that wasn't all that captured the public's imagination from the game's stands.

Cambodia didn't have many fans there at all, thanks to the 6000km journey and their unfortunate chances of winning.

One of the few never stopped cheering, however - a fantastic feat in of itself but even more so when you consider Cambodia lost 14-0.

Yes, the 2022 World Cup qualifier ended with their biggest ever defeat and yet one fan, who had travelled across the continent to see this, wouldn't stop cheering.

And you can check out some footage of it below:

Three drums, a megaphone, and some undying support - what more could any team want?

Cambodia face Iraq on Tuesday, this time at home where you'll imagine they'll have plenty more fans.

But they should roll out the red carpet for not only their biggest fan, but one of the most passionate and loyal supporters you'll see anywhere.

Iran smashed Cambodia 14-0.

And that support came on the day when women were finally allowed back into Iranian stadiums, after a well-publicised battle with FIFA.

It was a huge success, of course.

Women had packed out their 3,500 allocation - in their own section - an hour before the game.

The men, reportedly, hadn't even arrived at the game by then.

All in all, it was a wonderful day for football fans and one that should be applauded from all corners.

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