Sasha Banks rips into 2K Games after finding out her WWE 2K20 rating

Sasha Banks

WWE 2K20 will soon be released to the public, and the playable roster is bigger than ever this year.

There is over 240 characters to choose from, and for the first time you can use a female in MY Career.

The first official trailer for the game saw all the stars align, with Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns revealed as the cover stars of 2K20.

And in a separate advert, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels AND Sting all got together to argue over who was the best in their heyday.

sSlowly but surely, the ratings of specific superstars are getting released via social media, and Lynch has been handed a 90 rating by the powers-that-be, and after the 12 months she's had, she's surely the top ranked female on the game.

She is rated higher than legends of wrestling Trish Stratus and Lita, who are 87 and 86 respectively, so realistically only Charlotte Flair may be able to challenge her to the best woman's rating.

There's one current star who isn't pleased at all with the rating she has been given on the game.

The 'Blueprint' of WWE - Sasha Banks - has taken to social media after her rating was revealed to be only 80 - that's 10 points lower than the woman who defeated her at Hell In A Cell.

Sasha Banks seems to be incensed that Becky Lynch has been rated a full 10 points higher on WWE 2K20

And Banks has claimed that she 'turned down' the 2K20 commercial, which was presumably filmed whilst she was on hiatus from WWE - and that because of her rating she's glad she came to that decision.

Even fellow superstar Carmella has chimed in and stated that it's 'just a game' but it clearly more serious to some than others.

It's unclear as to whether Sasha is playing about in-character or she's being serious, but recently she has been worshipping Vince McMahon on her Twitter account - that alone could suggest that she isn't being entirely serious with this.

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