Matt Hardy's wife Reby emboiled in huge row with Jeff Hardy's wife Beth after Jeff's arrest

Matt and Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was in trouble with the law once again last week - and it wasn't even for the first time in 2019.

Hardy was arrested and charged for driving whilst impaired in his home state of North Carolina, just three months after being arrested for public intoxication.

Both issues have come from Hardy being on the sidelines in WWE, having being put out of action in April due to a knee injury which he underwent surgery for.

It's common knowledge amongst wrestling fans that Jeff has had alcohol and substance issues for years, it's even been subtlety referenced on WWE television by Samoa Joe in recent times, and things don't seem to be getting much better.

The last thing he would need is his family going to war over his situation, but it looks like that's exactly what has happened.

Jeff had stated to police that he had suffered a bloody nose at the time of his arrest due to an earlier fight with his wife, Beth, who stated on Twitter last night to not take any information seriously from 'family' - referring to his brother Matt and wife Reby.

Jeff Hardy's wife, Beth, has gotten into a social media row with the wife of Matt Hardy - Reby

That was in response to Matt's official statement regarding Jeff's arrest, who said that he wants his brother to be 'happy and healthy', but he can only control his own actions and he has to focus on his own life.

Beth's reply to Matt incensed his wife Reby, who is known to be very outspoken on all forms of social media.

She posted a lengthy response to Jeff's wife, and slammed Beth for protecting her husband who is 'well on his way to killing himself or someone else'.

Reby Hardy [right] has fired back at Beth Hardy following her statement on Twitter

To put it short, she told Beth to mind her own business, and then argued with others on Twitter who stated it should have been kept private.

Beth's final say on the matter was that she's 'tired of pretending', and it seems like now that the dirty laundry has been aired between both Hardy wives, she wants to put an end to it.

Rest assured, the Hardy family Christmas get-together may be a bit awkward this year...

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