Fans debate who would win in a fight between Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson

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Fan forums are a breeding ground for discussing hypothetical situations.

And that’s exactly what fight fans did when a user took to UKC Forums to pose the question of who would win if Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson went toe-to-toe.

In their day, the two men were titans of their respective disciplines.

Lee, a martial artist and actor, became a household name with his performance in the 1973 action film Enter the Dragon.

Tyson, Lee’s opponent in the imaginary clash, was a heavyweight boxer known for his power and use of the ‘peek-a-boo’ defence technique.

Despite Tyson’s power, fans seemed split on who would emerge victorious.

“Bruce Lee without a doubt. He was silly fast,” user Krank argued.

“If Tyson got in one big fat jab, it’d have been curtains,” said Blueshound, the user who initially started the discussion.

Taking a more diplomatic stance, one fan highlighted that it depended on whose turf the fight was taking place: “Bruce Lee if it were a street fight. Tyson if it were a boxing match. Simple really.”

Mike Tyson

As it turns out, Lee once thought about the prospect of fighting a heavyweight boxer and admitted it wouldn’t end well for him.

In the 1987 book, The Making of Enter the Dragon, director Robert Clause recalls a conversation he had with the martial arts expert about boxing legend Muhammed Ali.

“Bruce knew he could never win a fight against Ali. ‘Look at my hand,’ he [Bruce] said. ‘That’s a little Chinese hand. He’d kill me.’”

Still, fans won’t let Lee’s modesty stop them from dreaming.

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