Trent Seven exclusive: NXT UK star on his debut in WWE 2K20 and what's next for Moustache Mountain


WWE 2K20 drops in just eight days' time and the hype around this year's release is reaching fever pitch.

It's not just wrestling fans excited for the launch either. October is also an exciting time for the superstars involved in the game. 

This year, some of the talent from NXT UK have made it onto the virtual roster for the first time ever, with the likes of Toni Storm, Kassius Ohno and every member of British Strong Style included. 

GIVEMESPORT caught up with Trent Seven - one-third of British Strong Style - at 2K's preview event in London. He gave us his thoughts on WWE 2K20, as well as what's coming next in NXT. 

"I feel brilliant. As you should be," he said of his inclusion in this year's title - it's the first time he's ever been included in an official video game. 

"When the other boys were put in there last year I was gutted. But good things come to those who wait. It's absolutely worth the wait. I couldn’t be happier with how it looks. It’s great."

Now he's been added to 2K's roster, Trent Seven has been handed a rating like everyone else in the game.

Given he's yet to establish himself on the main roster, a 77 overall isn't a bad place to start. In fact, according to the man himself, it's the perfect rating. 

"I’m very happy! I was very impressed, I’ll be going through the game in the next few months and messaging every single person I know who has a lower overall than me. 

Trent Seven makes his 2K debut

"I’ll tell them they’re not allowed in my ring!" he says before laughing. But how much attention do stars actually pay to their ratings? Well, apparently, a lot. 

"It’s a really cool talking point amongst everyone backstage when we’re talking to each other. Who's got the best offense? Who's got the best overall?" he continues.

"It’s funny, your character can change and you can edit it but it’s fun to pick on people who have slightly lower overalls than you!"

'Create a Wrestler' and 'MyPlayer Career' return in 2K20, giving the rest of us a chance to play out what WWE stars do in real life. 

Trent no longer needs to create himself in 2K

Building a virtual version of himself is something Trent no longer needs to do - but he's still up for creating a new character anyway.  

"[I'd go for] a mix of Ric Flair, Randy Savage and Arn Anderson - basically what I am now!" he reveals when asked what kind of move set and attire he'd take. 

"If it’s not me, Rob Van Damme, AJ Styles and Sabu. I like to play as AJ because he does everything perfectly. 

Although Seven revealed that he doesn't have too much time to play video games these days, he appreciates that a lot of superstars do like to game when they're on the road.

But who does he think would be the best at WWE 2K20 on the roster? Given past experiences, it would be Adam Cole. 

Trent backs Adam Cole to be good at 2K20

"A lot of those guys play a lot of video games, especially when they are travelling. Me, I’m old school, I like to talk.

"There’s a lot of really skilled players. I remember playing with Adam Cole about 10 years ago when we first met.

"He had Fire Pro Wrestling. I was awful, it’s really really hard. He was unreal, I wish I was that good at that game. Mario Kart keeps me busy when I’m on the train though." 

Away from the release of 2K20, it's a very exciting time for NXT UK and especially British Strong Style. 

Trent Seven's stable-mate, Tyler Bate, is coming off the back of a Match of the Year contender with WALTER. The pair went at it for over 45 minutes in the main event of TakeOver: Cardiff. 

Bate's match with WALTER received a lot of praise

Tyler's performance impressed the entire WWE Universe and Trent is also full of praise. 

"I suppose amazing is the actual word. We throw around so many words to describe matches ‘it was incredible, amazing’ - but that performance was for me," he said.

"Standing alone in the ring with one of the most dominant champions in WWE, let alone NXT UK.

"Tyler should be regarded as one of the absolute top wrestlers on the planet right now. He’s a performer of unrivaled skill, ability, mobility, power and strength.

"He’s just different gravy. He trains and works so hard on so many different aspects of himself. Nobody’s perfect, but that performance was very very close to being perfect." 

Trent hailed Tyler's performance as 'near perfect'

High praise indeed from Bate's Moustache Mountain partner. But the reality is that he came up just short, and now Trent fancies a shot at the NXT UK Championship.

"For me, it’s starting to become more and more at the forefront of my mind - beating WALTER. I want the chance to get in there with him, seek a bit of revenge.

"That’s what I’m focused on, that’s what I really want. I want to look across the ring at WALTER and I’ll do it for all of British Strong Style and British wrestling." 

Trent Seven wants to face Walter next

If Seven doesn't get the chance to face off against WALTER inside a real WWE ring soon, he could easily do so in 2K20. But, what's going to be the first match he loads up?

"Moustache Mountain vs D-Generation X," he says with conviction, and that certainly isn't a bad choice.  

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