WWE 2K20 review: New features and gameplay changes give the wrestling franchise a new look


WWE 2K20 drops on October 22, meaning wrestling fans don't have much longer to wait to get their hands on this year's game. 

We've been promised big changes, with MyCareer focusing on both male and female characters, a new Showcase on the Women's Evolution and the debut of 2K Originals.  

On top of that, there's a promise of more streamlined gameplay and British fans will be excited to know that more of the NXT UK roster will be included than ever before. 

Ahead of launch, GIVEMESPORT were given hands-on time with WWE 2K20 to experience all the new features.

Check out our review below. 


There have been big changes to gameplay this year. Most notably, a lot of the controls have changed. 

Reversals are now executed by pressing Y on Xbox and triangle on PlayStation, and finishers have moved to X and A on Xbox and square and X on PS4. 

Re-mapping those buttons has freed up the trigger, which is now used as a modifier for other actions inside and outside the ring. 

2K20 have changed the buttons

The decision to streamline the controls makes sense as they have become much more responsive and easier to work, but it will take some time for more experienced players to get used to. 

Gameplay rating 7/10


This year, MyCareer will allow you to control both a male and female character. In terms of storyline, 2K20s career mode is very different from previous years, because it begins at the end of your character's career - at their Hall of Fame induction. 

Male and female characters appear in MyCareer

There will be more voiceovers and cutscenes than ever before, as you playthrough important moments from the careers of both 'Tray' and 'Red' (your MyCareer nicknames).   

There's around 20 hours of career mode to experience and at least 12 new environments to explore, with arenas and matches from outside WWE making a return. 

According to Ramelle Ballesca, WWE 2K20's Game Designer for MyCareer, there's a lot to play through.

"You start playing as ‘Tray’ and ‘Red’ in their high school years. Wide-eyed kids with dreams," he told GIVEMESPORT.

"Then you go through their indy phase where they’re going from territory to territory to learn the ropes and figure themselves out as performers and wrestlers and then you get into WWE with rivalries against all the superstars you know and love.

"But we do it a little differently from what you see on TV.

"You’ll dabble into supernatural stuff with the Undertaker and some of those other characters for example. 

There's a promise of the supernatural in career mode

"We have stuff with The Miz and his acting. We wanted to take a lot of the superstars and expand their roles beyond what you have seen on TV."

Sounds pretty exciting right? We won't give anything else away, don't worry.  

Career Mode rating 8/10


This year's showcase follows the careers of the Four Horsewomen, with each of the stars explaining their journey through WWE. 

There are 15 matches in total, starting at the very beginning in NXT before finishing in the main event of WrestleMania. 

The Four Horsewomen feature in Showcase

Given how much of an influence the Women's Evolution has had on WWE and wrestling as a whole, you won't want to miss re-living the most historic moments for yourself. 

Showcase rating: 7/10


This year's roster is bigger than ever with 190 superstars making the cut and you can check out everyone that has made it into this year's game here

In terms of ratings, which are subject to change, here are the top five superstars in WWE 2K20:

Brock Lesnar - 93 overall
Seth Rollins - 92 overall
Roman Reigns - 92 overall
AJ Styles - 91 overall
Ronda Rousey - 91 overall

Cover star Becky Lynch is also rated 91. 

The roster is bigger than ever

It's not long now until WWE fans can get their hands on 2K20 to experience all of these features for themselves. 

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