Triple H praises Tyson Fury's commitment to WWE


Tyson Fury hasn't been working with WWE for very long, but Triple H is already impressed by the boxer's commitment to putting on a good match at Crown Jewel.

WWE confirmed last week that Tyson Fury will be having a WWE match against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on October 31.

Ever since making his first appearance in WWE over a week ago, The Gypsy King has been working hard at WWE's Performance Center in Orlando in preparation for his match.

During an interview with Cathy Kelly following WWE's press conference which announced Strowman vs Fury, Triple H said he's been impressed with the effort the boxer has made so far at the Performance Center.

He said, via Fightful: "I spent the last week with Tyson Fury at the Performance Center. When you talk about the dedication that it takes to be a pro at the highest level, he's the kind of guy who said, 'For this period of time, I'm in the WWE. I'm gonna take that level of laser focus and dedication and apply it to WWE.'

"It was harder for me to get him to not do stuff than it was to get him to try to do anything. He wanted to do everything and wanted to do it now.

"I kept telling everyone, 'Pull him back. Don't let him do that yet.' He's not looking to walk into WWE and be like, 'I'm gonna have a moment, punch Braun Strowman in the head, leave and make a paycheck.' He wants to be a WWE superstar.

"He wants to win everybody over and prove why he's here."


The Game also added: "Tyson is an entertainer first. And a boxer second."

For now, Fury's match at Crown Jewel vs Strowman will just be a one-off, as he's expected to continue boxing with a fight against Deontay Wilder at some point next year.

However, given The Gypsy King's natural charisma and his work ethic towards making his first WWE bout a good one, it wouldn't be surprising if he has another match in the future. 

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