Tyrone Mings asked assistant referee if he heard racism from Bulgaria fans

England players walked off the pitch against Bulgaria after their players suffered racist abuse.

The match was halted midway through the first-half with the scores at 2-0 and a stadium announcement was made to ask the home fans to stop the chanting.

However, after England had made it 3-0, the chants continued and Gareth Southgate made a further complaint to the officials.

It led to another stoppage with ultras in the home stand were seen leaving the stadium.

The stadium announcement said: “Because of racist behaviour which is interfering with the game, the referee has indicated he may have to suspend the match. Please be in no doubt that the game may be suspended and abandoned if racist behaviour continues.”

It was Tyrone Mings, who was making his England debut, who appeared to be the main subject of the abuse.

And a video emerged of him asking the assistant referee if he had heard racism from the Bulgaria fans. In the video, you can’t make out the racism but Mings certainly heard it. It led to the match being halted for a second time.

Before the match, the president of the Bulgarian Football Union insisted that his country didn’t have a problem with racism.

Borislav Mihaylov wrote: “What I can say is that I don’t think we have a problem.

“In the Bulgarian championship, we have a lot of players of different ethnicities and skin colour. I don’t think that we have this big problem like, for example, England do.”

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