The Simpsons correctly predicted the Fortnite black hole


Millions of Fortnite players have been left in the dark after Season X’s final event ended, the old map disappeared and players were left staring into a black hole unable to play.

Players had been speculating over what this could mean, with the leading theory being that a new map could be on its way.

Lo and behold, a few hours later, a new map was released, putting to bed fears over the future of the popular game.

Really though, nobody outside of Epic Games and a select few YouTubers and Streamers actually knew what was going on.

Fans had been desperate to find answers, and have noticed one link to an unlikely source: The Simpsons.

Yes, from predicting the Trump Presidency, to the 2013 horse meat scandal, and everything in between, Matt Groening and his team have an impressive record of correctly predicting future events.

There is even a theory that does the rounds every so often that the man is a time traveller!

On the sporting side of things, they managed to predict the FIFA corruption scandal, poking fun at the corruption inside the organisation in 2014, a year before several FIFA officials were arrested on wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering charges, which eventually led to Sepp Blatter’s resignation.

One tweet has shared a screenshot of Lisa, Bart and Homer staring at their TV, only showing a small white hole in the middle, with the caption: “How do they always do it? Props to the Simpsons for predicting another thing...again. #Fortnite”

Although this tweet is obviously tongue in cheek, fans will be hoping for some concrete information soon.

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