Football fan ranks English clubs from 'Elite' to 'Sh*t' based on their away support

TierMaker rankings always throw up controversy.

Take the one created by @RiZzyUTD in August, which was a reminder of Liverpool’s failure to win a Premier League title.

Football is all about opinions and every tier causes a dispute.

And that’s the case with a tier that ranks English clubs based on their away support.

It was created by Everton support @EFCTom_ and has attracted a lot of responses.

The tier is split into five levels: Elite, Good, Average, Poor and Sh*t.

Only two clubs sit in the ‘Elite’ tier – Leeds United and Manchester United.

Premier League title hopefuls Liverpool and Manchester City sit in the ‘Good’ tier.

Arsenal and Newcastle United are just below them.

And Chelsea find themselves in the ‘Sh*t’ grouping.

As expected, it’s sparked a ton of debate from fans of different clubs.

Twitter user @DamianPearce89 wrote: “The fact that you actually have Newcastle as average shows how much yous hate us and its embarassing [sic]!!!

“Newcastle,Sunderland,Leeds and Liverpool easily on numbers and noise are the best fans going.”

A Sunderland fan even felt that Newcastle should’ve been higher than ‘Average’.

@KenTeears said: “As a Sunderland fan I think it’s disrespectful to NUFC to not put them in a higher category. Personally think SAFC and NUFC should be in the elite band. Very few sell out everywhere they go as consistently as we do.”

Aston Villa fan @Dean12575116 was unhappy that his team didn’t make the ‘Elite’ tier.

“We literally sell out every away game even when we were in the championship but ok. UTV,” he wrote.

Tottenham season ticket holder @richardajwilson tweeted: “Everton at @SpursOfficial were superb last season. I also think @CPFC deserve to be bumped up a place, but that’s just on what I see at White Hart Lane.”

And @AFCSamueI didn’t agree with Arsenal’s placing in the ‘Average’ tier.

“Arsenal literally has the best away fans lmao,” he said.

Elite: Leeds United, Manchester United

Good: Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Everton, Sunderland, Birmingham City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Ham United, Sheffield United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Middlesbrough

Average: Newcastle United, Stoke City, Leicester City, West Bromwich Albion, Huddersfield Town, Nottingham Forest, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Arsenal

Poor: Hull City, Norwich City, Brentford, Ipswich Town, Bristol City, Swansea City, Derby County, Millwall

Sh*t: Fulham, Watford, Southampton, Wigan Athletic, Brighton and Hove Albion, Bournemouth, Chelsea

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