Roman Reigns disliked Hell In A Cell ending between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt

Roman Reigns

The ending to last week's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view has had a confusing knock-on effect of a huge current storyline in WWE.

With the WWE Draft starting just a few days later, ensuring that both Raw and SmackDown would have unique rosters once again, feuds were set to be tied-up in Sacramento in order for new ones to be established.

Nobody seemingly got the memo for the main event though, with the climax of Seth Rollins' Universal Championship defence against 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt not making much sense at all.

Fans thought that Rollins had been DQ'd inside a Hell In A Cell match - which is preposterous - but the official ruling ended up being revealed some time after the event as a 'match stoppage' by the referee.

But what makes even less sense is that Wyatt will challenge Rollins once again at Crown Jewel on October 31 in a Falls Count Anywhere match - even though he has now been drafted to SmackDown.

Not many WWE personnel have been critical like the fans about Hell In A Cell's ending, even though X-Pac did question on an official WWE live stream as to how one can get disqualified in such a match.

The ending of Hell In A Cell last week was given a brutal reaction by WWE fans

You can understand why current superstars would feel uneasy about siding with the fans in this situation.

But the voice of reason Roman Reigns has come out and given his opinion - and has told the world he also didn't like the finish, but also had a message for the fans who booed the ending out of the arena last Sunday.

“I think you should express your opinions, but it doesn’t hurt anybody if you have a shred of respect. Have a little respect for the performers who were out there killing themselves for you," Reigns told Forbes.

I didn’t like the Hell in a Cell finish either, but I wasn’t about to cuss some guys out who got hit in the head over and over.

"Bray Wyatt put his health on the line to entertain some fans to the best of his ability.

Roman Reigns has asked the fans to respect the wrestlers a bit more, but also agreed with them about the ending

"I didn’t like it, but I respect Bray’s effort and willingness to go out there and do what you have to do. So, if you can, just a little bit of respect.”

It's refreshing to see a face of the company actually disagree with something that Vince McMahon has pitched or approved in public.

But it's clear that Reigns also doesn't want the fans to turn on someone or something when they don't get the finish they desire - in this case they turned on Rollins.

That has actually carried over into the last few shows, with Seth being booed following a dark match with Wyatt after Raw this past Monday.

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