Non-League footballer Stefan Galinski scores header from inside his own half


We all love watching the Premier League, but there's something charming about Non-League football. 

Perhaps it's the small, but loud and loyal crowds, or the chance of seeing the next Jamie Vardy rise through the ranks to one day crack the big leagues. 

Or maybe it's the bizarre goals we see on quite a regular basis. The lower leagues are full of them.

Over the years we've seen plenty of stunning solo efforts and long-range rockets, the kind we rarely see in the Premier League.

But on Tuesday night, Basford United defender Stefan Galinski scored what might have been the most memorable goal the Northern Premier Divison has ever seen. 

He scored a header from inside his own half. 

Don't believe us? Check out the incredible footage below. 

Have you ever seen anything like it? You wouldn't see Virgil van Dijk pulling that off in the Premier League! 

Of course, the goalkeeper does make a shocking error to let the ball bounce over his head and into the net, but let's not take anything away from Galinski. 

His celebration is pretty good too, as the defender sprints down the pitch towards the corner flag and pulls off Jurgen Klinsmann's iconic celebration. 

He celebrated with an iconic slide

"Sometimes, you've just got to put your head on it," Galinski said after the game, in a video posted on Basford's Twitter.  

"They [the goalkeeper] put it up there, it's my job, isn't it. [I thought] there you go, have it back and it went in. That's also the longest sprint I've done all season!" 

It was a memorable night for his team on the whole, as the defender's incredible header helped them to a 3-1 win away to FC United of Manchester.  

The result puts Basford second in the table

The result put the visitors up to second in the Northern Premier, while their opponents are now 10th in the table. 

What a night for Galinski. 

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